Lemon Quartz Peridot Tourmaline Silver Butterfly Earrings


Whimsical handmade sterling silver butterflies are the centerpiece of these gorgeous earrings.

Beautiful faceted Lemon Quartz briolettes (16mm) paired with faceted leaf shaped Peridot (7mm) and little faceted pink tourmaline (4mm) forming a flower for the butterfly to rest on.

These earrings measure 1 1/2 inches long from the bottom of sterling silver leaverback earring hooks.

Lemon Quartz: For centuries, great powers have been attributed to Lemon Quartz. Roman legionaries, for example, wore this stone on their chests or around their necks. So he should protect from the “evil eye”.

Peridot: It is said that Peridot was Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone. Hawaiian legend states that Peridot gemstones are the tears of the goddess Pele. Peridot has been used to slow the aging process and help with one’s speech. It has also been used to help find things that are lost.

Tourmaline: Tourmaline derives its name from the Sinhalese word “tura mali” (stone of mixed colors). However, according to the Ancient Egyptians, tourmaline traveled along a rainbow on its way down to earth, which is why it’s sometimes called the “rainbow stone”. The stones can be red and green, blue to yellow, often with two or more colors. No two pieces of tourmaline are the same. Tourmaline is said to have a powerful influence on love and friendship. Red Tourmaline is called “Rubellite”, Pink Tourmaline will change color in different levels of light. The blue variety is called “Indigolith” while “Schorl” is the name given to black tourmaline. “Achroite” is the colorless variety of Tourmaline. It is said to help dispel fear and grief, and can lend itself to give tranquil sleep.

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